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Empathes are extremely powerful people, and I would not recommend that you pick one. Empathes are great for reading body language and they are the best detectives of the mind!

Empaths can be born with an increased ability to feel the feelings of others, but it is NOT their true gift. Their main gift is the divine understanding of human psychology! This gives them the ability to tell when someone is feigning, lying or just not who he said he was. Some nice people have cruel intentions, let’s face it. Empaths just have the ability to recognize that.

As an empath, the best way to explain this is: knowledge simply occurs. We know how to read people and we are not fooled. If you are a cheating partner type, do not be empathetic. You will soon appreciate the taste of your own medicine.

Here are 5 reasons why you should never play with An Empath:

1. Detectors of lies.

When you lie to an empath, the fundamental emotions that accompany you betray you. Empaths are able to feel the discomfort and dishonesty. That is why they will certainly be convinced that there is something wrong with what you say if you lie.

Although they are not 100% sure that you are lying, they are able to notice the alarm signals that indicate this possibility.

2. Sense jealousy and hatred

Empathic people can feel when you are jealous of them.

You might expect them to feel a bit charismatic and confident, but that would be wrong. Empaths might know that you are jealous of them for whatever reason, and they will often show humility to make you feel more comfortable. One of the most common meanings of an empath is hatred. Hate is such a negative emotion that it gives off a powerful negative energy.

They do not lose their sleep in the face of hatred, which often leads people to hate them even more. They are comfortable with who they are and expect to be no one else.

3. Know the feelings of people

If you’ve ever had this conversation with a friend, it’s probably an empath. Empaths know when you lie and they know when you feel bad. Having a friend to talk to is a great help! Take advantage of your friends’ healing abilities and do not lie to them. Do not be afraid they want to help.

4. Know when people wear a mask

Those who have chosen to play the role of someone who is not. It may be because they want to show themselves and look interesting, or they are not sure of themselves and think that they would never be accepted for what they really are.

Empathists can feel this kind of behavior and they will know you are not sincere. It is better to be yourself when you have an empath with you. Otherwise, they will start to avoid you if they find your fake behavior irritating.

5. Identify the exploitation

Remember that when you were a child and wanted something, you would “bend” your parents to get what you want. It may be a southern term, so you are nice to someone to benefit from it. Do not do this to an empath – they will stop you in your tracks. You are more likely to get what you want by saying it right away.