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Here Is What Your Chinese Love Zodiac Says 2019 Is Bringing For Each Sign


Although 2019 will bring different gifts and challenges to each sign, it will be a time of happiness for anyone who is smart enough to prize love above all else.


If you don’t know what your Chinese Zodiac sign is, all you have to do is find your year of birth in the chart below. Then, look and see which animal represents you.


Rats that are in committed relationships will enjoy smooth sailing with their partners. There will be plenty of time for this sign to enjoy the company of their significant others. Single Rats face an uphill challenge, as it may be difficult to meet someone worthy of their love. Members of this sign who are looking for love should play the field throughout the Year of the Brown Earth Pig. Dating will clarify what is desired from a mate, thereby sharpening the Rat’s romantic discernment.



The leisurely pace of the Year of the Brown Earth Pig will enhance the contemplative Ox’s romantic life. Members of this sign that are in relationships will have a wonderful opportunity to meet mutual goals, whether it’s to buy a home, have a child, start a family business, or begin retirement. 2019 is an ideal year for single Oxen to find love. Cupid could strike while this sign throws or attends a casual party. Falling in love at first sight is a strong possibility for this normally cautious sign.



Reckless Tigers will be challenged in love throughout 2019. After some romantic disappointments during the previous year, this sign will be reluctant to get involved in a serious relationship. Single Tigers should focus on expanding their social circle during this friendly year. Keeping things platonic in the Year of the Earth Pig can pave the way to romance next year. Tigers in committed relationships will be tested to bring stability to their partner’s lives. If this sign obeys its warm hearted instincts, their unions will grow stronger.



The playful spirit of the Year of the Brown Earth Pig will inspire the refined Rabbit to undergo a total makeover. The results of this image overhaul will make this sign highly attractive to romance throughout 2019. This won’t be a year to make a serious commitment. Instead, Rabbits should focus on having fun on the dating scene. Those in committed relationships will have to renegotiate the terms of their union. Fortunately, the sensitive Rabbit has great instincts about how to accommodate their significant other.



The year of the Earth Pig will provide a stable backdrop for the Dragon to prosper. Because the year of the Earth Pig has a relative calm about it, the excitable and fierce Dragon will be able to shine through spectacularly. According to ChineseFortuneCalendar.com, 2019 will bring tremendous career and monetary success. Discover what your career strength is according to your zodiac sign.



In Chinese astrology, Snakes and Pigs are extreme opposites. There is always tension between the two Chinese zodiac signs on virtually every level. While 2019 will be a prosperous year in general, the Snake will have to overcome obstacles at nearly every turn before finally earning their reward. Learn how to de-stress according to your zodiac sign.



Like many of the other Chinese zodiac signs, the Horse will have a fine time of it in 2019. The same kind of advice given to the Ox can also be given to the Horse: Keep the stronger points of your personality balanced. Horses can become giddy and self-centered, so keep calm as the year of the Earth Pig necessitates.


Goat (or Sheep


Like the Tiger, the Goat aligns very well with the Pig in terms of romantic connection. Pigs and Goats share the same loving, gentle nature. Relationships will flourish this year for the Goat. Still, people under this Chinese zodiac sign can be emotionally temperamental at times, and the Pig won’t respond well to moody behavior in 2019. Find out which astrological sign makes the absolute best friend for yours.




Pigs dislike Monkeys as much as they dislike Snakes, but for different reasons. The Monkey is far too chaotic for the steadfast Pig, who enjoys stability over restless energy. Where the Earth Pig demands patience, the Monkey has none. This is why 2019 will cause the Monkey to reflect inwardly for the first time in a while, and provide the opportunity for personal growth.



Love will be elusive for single Roosters in 2019. This critical sign is best served by falling in love with themselves during the Year of the Brown Earth Pig. Instead of beating themselves up for making mistakes or falling short of goals, the Rooster should abandon themselves to the appreciative energy that characterizes Pig years. By acknowledging all the progress they’ve made, this honest sign can become more attractive and receptive to romance. Roosters in committed relationships should become more forgiving and accepting toward their partners.



The Year of the Brown Earth Pig is filled with romantic opportunities for Dogs. This anxious sign will welcome all the social opportunities that 2019 affords. The ability to let off steam after hours will give the Dog an attractive glow. There’s a good chance this devoted sign will find happiness with a wild adventurer or refined artist. Dogs who already have partners will enjoy lots of quiet time on the home front with their partner. It’s possible the Dog will add a child or pet to their home.



Regarding love, 2019 urges Pigs to be free and easy in their relationships. Single members of this sign will be flirting and having fun throughout the year. Although this isn’t a good time to get engaged or married, the Year of the Earth Pig is a wonderful period to find love with someone who is compassionate and diplomatic. Members of this sign who are in committed partnerships should take time out of their busy schedules for intimacy. Sociable Pigs shouldn’t neglect their partners while making the round of parties