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Neuroscientists Have Issued a Warning! Women, Pay Close Attention To How Much You Sleep


Most people do not realize that sleeping is one of the most important things for their overall health. It is the only time the body has the ability to recover and repair the damage it has caused during the day, and with that, it is keeping all organs in a good shape and maintains their function.

A lot of things are in process when we are sleeping, some compounds are synthesized in order to get the energy supplies we need, all cells and organs are replenished, and with the energy supplies and all organs in a top form, we are ready to face our challenges in the next day!

As men and women are different in biological nature, also there is a difference in the process of sleeping too. We all know that we should sleep at least eight hours per night, but recent research suggests that women need more than that.

The researchers that were leading the study, concluded that women who get 8 hours a sleep every night are not well rested. The female brain is highly more active than the male brain, therefore it must get more rest than the male brain.

And also according to these researches it was proven that the beautifying or restorative sleep is true, it is not a myth. Getting the time you need to rest is important, which can make your skin look smoother and younger, and this is more important for women. If you are a female, and you are reading this article, you need to get more than 8 hours of shut-eye overnight. You will improve your overall health and your look of course!

1. Decreased Stress

Stress and sleep affect our cardiovascular health, but prolonged sleep helps us find peace and reduce the level of stress that affects our overall health. Insufficient sleep leads to many other health consequences, including the nervous system. Our stress increases when we don’t get enough sleep, if you can not rest properly or have sleep problems, you should better consult your doctor.

2. Healthy Body

We all know how important sleep for the body is. Those who enjoy dieting should plan their perfect bedtime gain muscles or lose weight. According to researchers from the University of Chicago, people who have a proper rest lose more fat. Also when we feel sleepy our hormones are giving us signals to eat more food at night, which also means getting fat.

3. Better Attention

You cannot concentrate or be attentive if you spent the night on your phone texting and looking at memes. Sleeping is essential for brain activity to work properly, every part of the body needs rest, and your eyes too. A good cycle of sleeping helps you improve yourself with better attention.

4. Better Memory

When we sleep, our memory improves and we can memorize things better. If we learn before going to bed and after waking up, repeat what we learned before falling asleep. Instant memory boost.

5. Improved Creativity

Before you take your paintbrush or start to write, take a good sleep. Scientists say that when we sleep, our emotional components of memory become stronger and can lead to greater creativity.

6. Choose To Be A Winner

If you are an athlete or you are involved in sports, you know how important it is for the body to get a good sleep. A study conducted by Stanford University found that the football players had improved by more than 50% when they decided to sleep 10 hours per night for about 7 weeks. The body improves, becomes stronger, focuses more on the play and feels rested and full of energy.

Source: mindwaft.com