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Only A Genius Can Spot The Difference In These Images


1. The ‘Mona Lisa’ Looks Strange…

There’s something wrong with the second picture. How well do you know the “Mona Lisa”?


2. Here’s The Culprit

There it is! A shadow where a winding road should be.


3. Big Ben, Big Puzzle

These two pictures of London look identical, but upon further inspection, you’ll notice some inconsistencies. Give it a shot!


4. Okay, Some Are A Little Obvious

The plane’s presence in the second photo is easy. The number on the double decker bus, however…


5. Here’s One For The Sci-Fi Fans

This otherworldly scene is unusual, and not only because it’s a picture of what appears to be two cyborgs. Here’s a hint: Some details have magically vanished in the second image.

6. Not Too Hard After All

Even an image with only three differences can be a challenge to solve. Cheers if you figured it out!


7. A Famous Album Cover


The cover of Abbey Road is a photo we’ve all seen a million times. Anyone who can’t solve this one needs to revisit their Beatles record collection ASAP.


8. Only Dedicated Beatles Fans Spot All The Differences

Paul’s shoes are a dead giveaway. Hopefully, you made the Fab Four proud by identifying all four differences.

9. A Simple One

There’s one thing amiss in the second image. Just one. You better find it!

10. Did You Miss It?

Check out the mousehole in the lower right corner. It ain’t present in the first image, is it?