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Talking With Your Toddler Could Boost IQ Scores and Language Skills later


Conversations with your children lead to more than you think. They grow not only in their ability to speak, but also in their ability to think. Children who spend more time with adults tend to achieve higher IQ scores when they reach school age. If you actually let your child participate in conversations, the Journal of Pediatrics seems to have a lasting effect.

Dr. Alan Mendelsohn and dr. Perri Klass commented on the latest results and said:

“showing that parent-child verbal interactions in early childhood predict critically important outcomes.”

Their opinion on the results of the research is instructive, even though they did not participate in this study.

Topics included toddlers from 18 months to two years old. Every 30 days, images were taken to illustrate children’s language and their conversations with adults. Each child participated in six cases in six months. The children were then re-taught when they reached their first years. Each child was tested between the ages of 9 and 14 to see if the initial statistics later in life had an impact on their intelligence.

Children who spoke actively during the first shots performed better in tests that were performed years later. They scored 14-27% better than children who were passive in their language as toddlers. The tests focused on vocabulary, speech comprehension and general intelligence. The results have been adjusted for economic and social differences. Overall, the research team has improved considerably.


“Promotion of language-rich and emotionally positive interactions should be the goal, with play and reading aloud”

Klass and Mendelsohn stated in their scientific commentary on this issue. They continued to emphasize the importance of teachers’ language skills in programs for young children. The study shows that early language skills can improve intelligence, but that interaction also appears to have a significant impact on your child’s performance.

The study emphasizes that participation is the main strategy to improve your child’s cognitive abilities. Connections in the brain become stronger if you allow your child to talk to you. It can enhance creativity and critical thinking as well as natural social skills. Take the time to listen to your child. Be patient and let them run the next time you talk to them. You will be surprised how quickly they learn to build sentences. By giving them the opportunity to verbalize their thoughts, it is much easier for them to get used to the habit of thinking critically.